Why Employees Are Asking for Custom Article Frames for Christmas

Recent studies almost unanimously reveal that employees want to feel appreciated by their employer. They want recognition for a job well done and they want to feel as though their contributions make a difference. One such study, in fact, found that nearly half of all workers admit to a readiness to leave a position in which they did not feel appreciated by their manager.

“Professionals want to know their contributions make a difference and will be rewarded, especially Gen Y workers,” said Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam. “Because individuals like to be acknowledged in different ways, managers should find out what their workers value most and customize recognition accordingly.” The key, of course, is making sure the recognition is appropriate for both the occasion and for the employee.

Getting Recognition Right
According to a recent article in the Business News Daily, an employer can inadvertently get recognition wrong by making one of the following mistakes:

  • Getting the facts wrong: No one ever wants to be called by the wrong name, have his or her name spelled incorrectly, or be recognized for the wrong thing. It’s important to always get all the facts straight first.
  • Insignificant gestures: The recognition should always be an appropriate marker of the event or achievement. A gesture that can be seen as small, insensitive, or inappropriate (like a hole punch for a job well done) may give the opposite of the intended message.
  • Vagueness: When a manager simply says “great job” or “job well done,” the message is vague. It’s important to be specific and tie specific actions to results.
  • Doing Too Much: In the same vein, a manager can also make the mistake of going overboard and doing too much. Embarrassment is something some employees will want to avoid. “Just right” is key.
  • Missing Someone: While there are some employees who are hard to miss because they are easily put in the spotlight, either by themselves or others, it’s possible to overlook those who tend to get lost in the shadows.

The Perfect Christmas Gift This Year
When you’re looking for an idea that meets all the requirements of the ideal recognition gesture that will help you steer clear of any unintentional mistakes, a custom article frame is the solution. When your employee, a product or service, or the entire team has been recognized for a job well done, a notable feature or service, or something of the kind, then there’s no better way to show your pride, approval, and recognition than by framing that newspaper or magazine article in a preservation frame that will allow everyone to see it for years to come.


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