That’s Great News

Why Preserve Your Achievements?

A feature in the media is like a high-five from the community – it’s a notable accomplishment and suggests that people are genuinely interested in what you’re doing. So why not preserve your achievements! Admit it, you’ll more than likely save a copy of the article for yourself… but chances are that it’ll end up in storage and eventually forgotten.

What Next, You Ask?

Why not do something more with your feature? By professionally preserving your publicity, you’ll have a keepsake that is guaranteed to stay in like-new condition for years to come. More importantly, you’ll have the means to showcase your article properly, which will prove to be a valuable asset for your company. Use your plaque to brag about your business with tact. You’ll notice that a well-placed wall plaque highlighting your media will speak to the success of your company and advertise on your behalf.

More-Than-Decorate your workspace

Plaques displayed in Lobby
One of our customer’s beautiful lobbies!

An elegant showpiece is guaranteed to be the focus of any space, but don’t settle for just decoration. Spruce up your office with a striking wall plaque that showcases your company and is relevant to your business. 

Establish your credibility


Recognition from an unbiased, third party will help gain the trust & respect of your clients, as well as confirm expertise in your field. A wall plaque that thoughtfully reports acknowledgement can help earn points with current & potential clients when showcased in a lobby, waiting room, or office. 


Promote your company on-the-go

A wall display is not only eye-catching – it’s mobile too! Take your wall plaque to trade shows and events to easily draw attention to your company and prove you’re worth getting to know.

Motivate your employees

Encourage your team to meet future goals and preserve your achievements with wall plaques placed in office space, meeting areas­­, or break rooms. A recap of success is the perfect way to build confidence and inspire your employees.

Reinforce your professional image

One of our happy customers, Liz Tackit, and her plaques on display in her salon!

A wall display is a simple way to inform your clients that your company has been recognized for its success. Remind your customers that your business is thriving, and remind your competitors that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

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