Laminated Articles And Pictures Are Forever with Laminated Plaques.

If you’ve never thought about laminating a key newspaper article, magazine page or picture for a priceless gift, you are in for a rare treat.

Once you see how delighted the recipients  are, how they light up at the sight of their favorite page or photo preserved in a gorgeous keepsake, you’ll kick yourself for not gifting friends and associates with laminated plaques sooner.

Nothing can compare to the stylish good looks of a professionally mounted and laminated plaque. A bottle of whiskey? It will either disappear in a day or gather dust in a bottom drawer. A personalized paperweight? It will just sit there. Most other personal and corporate gifts will also quickly fade from view and memory.

But beautiful wood-finish laminated plaques will be displayed prominently and cherished forever, whether they are presented to colleagues, clients, friends or family members.

Consider a special occasion for a young boy, perhaps a sports accomplishment or graduation event. What better way to preserve the moment than an attractive plague with a laminated certificate or photo memorializing the milestone?

We are simply the best and most distinguished manufacturer of plaques and laminated keepsakes in the business. For over 25 years we’ve created priceless laminated plaques with wedding invitations, corporate logos and portraits, newspaper articles, magazine pages, and everything you can think of.
Here are some of the most popular customized laminated plaques:

  • MAGAZINE PLAQUES – Combine the magazine cover and your page(s) of interest in one lasting impression.
  • NEWSPAPER PLAQUES – Capture the headlines of the moment and keep them preserved for all time.
  • WEB AND BLOG – Give permanence to web pages and blogs. We take pages and pictures right off the internet and transform them into gorgeous works of art.
  • OTHER – The sky is the limit when heirloom-quality laminated plaques can showcase corporate or family photos, book jackets, awards, certificates and other mementos.

The laminated plaques themselves offer an infinite selection of styles, sizes and materials, including stately mahogany, walnut, acrylic and aluminum. They can be designed with several windows, titles, logos and captions. You are limited only by your imagination.

And here’s the best part: You can start designing and personalizing your own laminated plaques online, from the comfort of your home. Go ahead, get creative.

If you we’re published, we know it, and we make it our business to offer you our custom lamination service. We subscribe to over 6,000 publications including every major daily newspaper in America. In addition we receive nearly every magazine, business journal, and trade publication from every city, state, and region, covering a wide variety of subjects.

Our account representatives work with businesses and individuals as they appear in the news, delivering a product that prominently and tastefully displays the original article or achievement in which they have been featured.

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