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Hello and welcome to the That’s Great News blog. Today, we here at That’s Great News wanted to talk about a topic that is near and dear to our hearts: how to take care of your plaque so that

Custom plaque vs Frame (glass) There is something about buying a frame that will never be duplicated.  Local frame shops and unique framing places are great for this type of purchasing and experience.  But you can only go so far with

Magazine articles capture moments in time.  They can be about big life changing events for societies, organizations, or simply a personal story that holds a deeper meaning.  No matter what the story, a newspaper or magazine article that expresses

Custom plaques are great for business. They allow you and your business to portray your accomplishments. Plaques are a great way to show off the newspaper article you wrote, the magazine you or your business was featured in, or the award you

We are not a “Framing Company” we are a “Wall Plaque Company” Try saying this at your next cocktail party you might get the same look I get everytime I have said those words over the last 10 years.  Huh?  What

Congratulations! Your company and its achievements were recently featured in the local newspaper. Well,  This is definitely something to be proud of, as such an article is an indication that your organization is heading in the right direction and its

First of all let’s look at why custom plaques are better than frames. And why preserving an article onto a plaque is far superior to preserving articles than a frame.    Why custom plaques beat framing. Framing an article whether in a magazine or newspaper will over time in

Everyone wants to record their accomplishments for their children, for their businesses, and for their futures. Everyone wants to be seen for the good they’ve done for others and their communities. So, if you’ve had a newspaper article written about you,

There’s nothing quite like being in the news. A feature in the media is a huge achievement, because it’s a sign of interest and goodwill from the community. Whether you have had a magazine article written about you, or

How much money does a company spend on advertising?  If you are a business that has a product or are in a competitive industry the answer is a lot. So when the opportunity arises to take advantage of free press why